Free-to-play: Once you have registered, you are good to go. It costs nothing to play Dragon Awaken. Semi-turn-based movement: Consider your next steps wisely and gradually destroy your opponents.


Game concept

You are in charge of the welfare of the residents of your town in the free-to-play fantasy browser MMO Elvenar. 


You are in charge of the entire settlement whether you choose to play as an elf or a human. To create a healthy economy, distribute your limited resources effectively.

Economic Fundamentals

Your resources are everything in Elvenar. You must figure out a way to transform your piece of land into a prosperous colony because all you have to work with to begin is your Main Hall, a few cash, and some simple building supplies


Explore the places around your city that are concealed to find both perils and treasure. You have the power to become the most effective governor in Elvenar by striking a balance between military and economic development.


It can be difficult to strike the correct balance between your income in monetary terms, the satisfaction of your inhabitants, the production of supplies, and the power of your army. Elvenar really captured the spirit of games like The Settlers and other such ones

The Bottom Line

A game with this incredibly special calming touch is the free to play fantasy internet MMO Elvenar. When you use it, you completely lose track of time as you play it while listening to soothing music and rearranging the structure of your settlement. Actually, this is a defining quality of a great game, and Elvenar unquestionably fits that description. The game gives you an impression of what it will look like once it is finished, despite the fact that it is currently in beta. It seems like Elvenar will be a game that can be played for a very long time, especially if you want to create the ideal settlement, especially in terms of its tech tree.