Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags, also known as Jumbo Bags/Bulk Bags, are one of the most cost effective types of packing for storage and transportation of a wide range of materials such as chemicals, food, metal etc.

Manufactured from tubular/flat woven fabric, these bags have a large storage capacity. These bags may be availed from us in a carrying capacity of 250 kgs to 2000 kgs as per the needs of the clients.


  • Offers a very favourable package/product weight ratio
  • Cost competitive with other packaging forms (often utilized without pallets)
  • Capacity dependent on bulk density of the product with a guaranteed Safety Factor SF 5:1 or, in case of dangerous materials - SF 6:1 confirmed by the respective certificate
  • Possibility to use foil-polyethylene liners to give protection against moisture
  • Folded flat and baled for shipment to the user
  • Easy to store and handle in warehouse with standard equipment